Indulgent beverages for every time of day

If you crave something different instead of your regular coffee, at Coffee Berry you can find many indulgent alternatives, such as decadent coffee beverages, delicious hot and cold chocolate options that are enjoyed equally by adults and children, and the unique Berryccino and Smoothies drinks!

Coffee Beverages

Maybe you want something like coffee but not pure coffee? Coffee Berry offers a variety of refined coffee beverages.

Come and taste a Cookie Crunch Mocha or an Iced Banoffee Mocha which best match coffee and chocolate, with mouthwatering syrups and delicate whipped cream!

Chocolate Beverages

Who can say NO to a cup of chocolate? Treat yourself to a cup of chocolate either in its classic form or choose the flavor that will give that something extra to your senses

white chocolate, strawberry chocolate, salted caramel and hazelnut. Coffee Berry also offers sugar-free chocolate and cocoa straight from our childhood. You may enjoy our chocolates either hot or cold, it’s up to you!

Are you keen on luscious flavors? Try the Chocolate Caramel Dream with chocolate, fresh milk, caramel syrup, digestive biscuit and whipped cream!


Step into a Coffee Berry store and let us make your day!

We created a unique beverage for you, full of freshness and taste, in three fine flavors: Berryccino Mocha, Choco and Vanilla & Cookies!


Are you looking for an extra boost during your day?

Taste our delicious and refreshing smoothies made of fruit pulps and milk: green apple for those who always seek something different, mango for exotic fruit lovers, banana and strawberry – a classic choice for all!