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Refreshing fruits and nutritious vegetables, Smoothie Bowls, yogurts and nuts.

Fresh Juices

Fresh fruit and nutricious vegetables, come together to create a cup full of vitamins for you and your loved ones. From the classic orange juice to the special Mr. Green with spinach, at Coffee Berry we make sure that we offer you the most exquisite products from the nature, so you can enjoy the taste and quality you deserve.

Smoothie Bowls

The Coffee Berry Smoothie Bowls are complete meal proposals, since they consist of low-fat (2%) yogurt, thyme honey, cereals and fruit. It can be an ideal breakfast or afternoon snack, or the perfect meal to replenish your energy levels following a demanding training!

Energy Bowl, for high energy levels, with yogurt 2%, banana, kiwi, apple, acai, chia seeds, forest fruit, almond butter, nuts and thyme honey!

Healthy Bowl, to boost your wellbeing, with yogurt 2%, pineapple, avocado, green apple, baby spinach, forest fruit, granola and spearmint!

Bliss Bowl, your guilt-free pleasure, with yogurt 2%, banana, strawberry, chia seeds, gianduja with stevia, granola and thyme honey!


Our honey & yogurt options are the ideal choice for those seeking a light and healthy, yet tasty breakfast or snack.

You can choose between:

low-fat (2%) yogurt with granola, banana chips and thyme honey

low-fat (2%) yogurt with fresh pineapple, kiwi and thyme honey

Handmade Cereal Bars

The handmade cereal bars from Coffee Berry are the ideal choice for those who seek something delicious and full of energy to start their day or to replenish their energy levels after a tiring day at work.

Try one of the many tasty options with cereals, honey, nuts and superfoods!


Nuts, those tiny temptations that accompany us throughout our day, are considered among the most beneficial food for our body.

Their high nutritional value, their beneficial properties and their irresistible taste undisputedly make them one of the best nutritional breaks while at office, on the street, at home or any other time of the day.

We, at Coffee Berry, have selected the finest nuts, smartly combined and packed, and offer them to you so that you can enjoy a healthy snack no matter where you are.