Our Vision

From the very beginning of our long journey in the world of the valuable coffee bean in 2003, our vision remains the same: to share with the whole world our deep love and know-how for top-quality and delicious coffee in an elegant and luxurious environment.

Starting from Greece and with an already strong presence in Cyprus, Egypt as well as Saudi Arabia, we continue with firm steps towards our vision: to become established as the top coffee chain where people can enjoy an upgraded coffee experience in every corner of the world

Our Mission

From our very first Coffee Berry store, we have never stopped sharing our know-how and love for coffee with each one of you.

We commit, keeping coffee at our core, to consistently offer a unique experience, selecting all that is truly excellent, incorporating it in our everyday life. Not just for our customers or the customers of our partners, but to everyone whose experience throughout their day is connected to our brand Coffee Berry – Tasteful Living.

Our facilities

Our facilities

The Coffee Berry head office is accommodated in a modern building at Nikiforou Vrettakou street, Alimos. This is where all elaborations on new stores begin, the “cockpit” for our stores’ smooth operation, the birthplace of new and fertile ideas for the promotion our stores and finally this is where the entire technical aspects of the Coffee Berry projects are supported.

On our way from Alimos to the actual lifegiving source of our Company, coffee, we arrive at the region of Koropi. This is where our own vertically integrated coffee processing plant is located, inside the industrial zone, extending along 2,500 sq.m.. This is where our precious coffee beans are roasted and packaged, in order to reach, as a final product, all our network stores in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Until the end of 2023, we are planning to operate our new sophisticated coffee processing plant at Koropi in Athens, an investment of over 10 mil. euro, which has actually become necessary, in order to support the increased needs created by the Coffee Berry network expansion to new countries and markets.