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Open your very own Coffee Berry

We’re looking for people passionate for good coffee to join us and make the Coffee Berry experience accessible to even more neighborhoods. Reach us today and let’s explore the prospects of our working together.

The Coffee Berry Experience

Coffee Berry is currently the most integrated concept in the Street Café category, forming a new business model of sustainable returns.

Our sophisticated store aesthetics combined with the utilization of a range of merchandising tools lead to spontaneous and complementary sales, high income flow, ensuring, of course, customer loyalty.


In Coffee Berry, we are something more than coffee lovers. For 20 years, we’ve been diligently working on coffee, delving into all the phases of its preparation.

We select the best coffee varieties from the most reliable and top-quality farms around the world. We roast coffee using the most advanced machinery at our own factory, keeping a close eye at every stage of the production process.

Continuous Support

From the very first moment of our partnership, you will enjoy the support of the Coffee Berry team. We will help you choose the right store and provide you with the architectural design.

Throughout the construction period, our architects and civil engineers will help you have your store ready in a short time, in compliance with Coffee Berry specifications. Before and after opening, our support team and trainers will closely work with you in order to give our new customers a flawless welcome.


Our certified trainers provide comprehensive and ongoing training to store staff for the entire range of operations.

Prior to opening a store, our partners and their staff will be fully-trained at our training center, whereas we ensure that they will be continually retrained so that the Coffee Berry experience remains unchanged at each one of our Premium Street Café spots. . After all, continuous and prime staff training is one of the secrets of our success.


The Coffee Berry business model, based on data from existing stores, clearly demonstrates a high potential for success. Exclusivity is one of the key benefits of our partnership, which means that you will be able to exclusively exploit the scope that you define.

Payback and profitability shall come on the following conditions: your unfailing interest, strict compliance with the Coffee Berry standards, smooth operation and, of course, excellent customer service.

Your Own Coffee Berry

There are still available areas which could be an excellent opportunity for you to open another successful Coffee Berry store. Contact now the Coffee Berry Development Department to set up a meeting and jointly check the possibility for a prosperous and profitable partnership.

Open your very own Coffee Berry

We’re looking for people passionate for good coffee to join us and make the Coffee Berry experience accessible to even more neighborhoods. Reach us today and let’s explore the prospects of our working together.

Fill out the contact form with your details.

A Consultant from the network development team will contact you.

You will discuss your thoughts and the possibility of cooperation will be evaluated.

You will be presented with the Coffee Berry concept and the Financials.

The partnership framework and the Franchise Agreement will be discussed.

The next Coffee Berry is your own shop that will improve your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to find my own property or will the company point me to one?

Both options are possible. Whether you own a property that meets our conditions, or we recommend you, the choice is yours. In any case, the goal is to ensure the efficiency of your business.

Can I open more than one store

Of course you can. We are very proud when a partner of ours records such a successful course, as long as he can adequately supervise all points. There is also a special Multi Unit program.

I already have a coffee shop. Could I turn it into a Coffee Berry shop?

Of course, if we see that the store is located in a point that is a target area but also if it meets the conditions (area, facade, etc.).

Then we will study the space and redesign it, so that it acquires all the characteristics that a Coffee Berry store should have. Our basic principle is the maximum possible reduction of the cost of interventions and the utilization of workshops of your choice.

Should my shop be built by your workshop or could I use my own?

In the Coffee Berry Franchise system, points are designed by an in-house department of architects and engineers, with the aim of ensuring the customer experience and the Franchisee’s performance. This ensures key principles such as leveraging the local market and the point, designing the optimal format for the point, defining the optimal customer journey in the store, optimizing the product mix, team productivity and utilization of the differentiating elements of the concept. The implementation of the construction is done either by approved workshops or by new workshops proposed by the Franchisee so that ways of reducing construction costs are explored while ensuring the specifications of the concept and the long-term performance for the Franchisee. A basic condition is that the construction and configuration of the store is done only after an application study has been prepared with the specifications of the Coffee Berry store model.

Does the store have to be in a high traffic area?

Although our product mix is highly attractive and different from the competition, the answer is unquestionably “Yes”. Setting up on the borders of highly commercialized zones significantly increases awareness and accelerates local market penetration rates. In any case, we support the partner in finding a commercial point that ensures maximum traffic and profitability.

Is it necessary to have knowledge or experience in the coffee industry?

It is not necessary or a requirement to have knowledge and experience in the industry. Coffee Berry implements a perfect education and training program for you and all your staff, in order to operate your store, in the best and most efficient way.