People are the soul of our company

Thanks to them we evolve, develop and grow, offering you everything you need, for every moment of the day!

Join the Coffee Berry Team

To us, people are the soul of our company, our true power and inspiration and they are the reason for our evolution, development and growth, offering to you everything you need, every moment of the day!

Just within 7 years, our Company has been operating a network with more than 200 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and soon in Saudi Arabia, whereas more than 2,000 employees staff our stores, offices and plants.

Passion & Devotion

The Coffee Berry people stand out for their passion, devotion, eagerness and openness, but most of all, for their shared vision to grow and evolve along with the organization, as its integral and vital part. Our wish and core principle are to unfailingly provide our people with training and expertise, helping them grow and develop inside the company and enabling them to freely give birth to their own ideas. We firmly stand for open communication and promote team spirit, having in mind that best results always come through team work and cooperation.

If working in a continually growing environment with national and international activity is what you fancy, if you are eager for new experiences that start from that tiny, yet precious, coffee bean and reach the barista’s bench, and you are a team work fan, feel free to send us your CV and join our team!


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If you wish to work at our Head-Quarters or our Coffee Production facility in Greece, please fill in the job application form and attach your cv.

If you wish to work at one of our coffee stores please contact directly the store you wish to apply to. Store contact details can be found on “Οur Network” section of this website.