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Sweeten up your day with a Coffee Berry Chocolate

Oct 27, 2022 | Our News

Close your eyes and think of a taste loved by all, young and old alike: chocolate it is! Quite astonishing though how cocoa tree beans can offer such mouthwatering flavors throughout our entire lives and many unique moments.

Reflect on the moments you were feeling blue and chocolate had been there for you! Or think of a moment when you gave a chocolate to a loved one. You can always relate memories and emotions with that truly unique taste.

Chocolate: A brief historical review

The first historical reference goes back to the Mayas civilization, around 600 A.D.. The product was regarded to be quite rare and was worth as much as gold, and this is not an overstatement. Beans would be usually offered to Gods and kings and were used as currency for commercial transactions.

The Aztecs used cacao beans after rubbing them together and pulverizing them, making a beverage that they called “Choclatl” (does this sound familiar?). That beverage, mixed up with spices, was drunk hot and they believed that it was digestive, invigorating and the best medicine of those times, able to cure all diseases.

However, it was much later that Europe got to know that magical product. To be more specific, the first European that was believed to have discovered and brought cacao to Europe was Hernando Cortes, who ran aground with his fleet in the Yucatán Peninsula in the Easter of 1519.

He was there welcomed by the Aztec emperor Montezuma who offered him gold, precious stones and a basket full of cocoa beans.

Going back to Spain in 1528, Cortes brought with him the first cocoa beans and the necessary utensils for preparing the “Choclatl” drink. That new beverage was immediately loved at the Spanish royal court, making its first loyal fans among the Spanish nobility. Just within a few years, the beverage was a hit, widely spread along the entire Europe.

The first time that chocolate was prepared in solid form was in 1674, by a traditional coffee shop in London named “The Coffee Mill”, which launched chocolate sticks and a treat made of solid chocolate.

Chocolate and Health

Chocolate is erroneously correlated with some negative effects (acne for example). What is however the truth?

Did you actually know that chocolate is rich in antioxidants and is actually beneficial to our health?

Recent research has established that chocolate contains certain types of flavonoids, which contribute to better functioning of both the heart and the circulatory system. The higher the flavonoid content, the more beneficial the action of chocolate. Although in fair amount, it is only the dark chocolate that can actually give a significant boost with its antioxidant action. Dark chocolate has additionally been found to help lower blood pressure!

And an extra trivia that will make us savor chocolate for good:Chocolate makes us smarter! If dubious, recent scientific research will prove you wrong.

A study on exploring the benefits of chocolate, joined by 968 people aged 23 to 98, proved that those who ate chocolate frequently had better visual memory and memorizing skills, could apply abstract thinking and concentrate more effectively.

Scientists also concluded that the consumption of chocolate decelerates cerebral aging and prevents the onset of certain diseases, such as dementia.

Chocolate and Coffee Berry: Level-up your pleasure!

From the very beginning, we have realized that you – and we actually – are chocolate fanatics. This is why we have been trying to satisfy your tastes, offering you a wide range to choose from.

At our Coffee Berry stores, you may enjoy our chocolate as a beverage, either hot or cold, in many delicious flavors. Treat yourself with a cup of strawberry chocolate, orange chocolate, salted caramel or hazelnut chocolate and enjoy a satisfying experience sip by sip.

But there is more than that. At Coffee Berry stores you will find one-of-a-kind handmade chocolate bars, according to the most recent trends.

However you choose to enjoy a Coffee Berry chocolate, one thing is unquestionable: the attention we pay at preparation and quality assurance will sweeten up your day and you will delve into a supreme gustatory experience.

So, the next time you’ll come across a Coffee Berry store and you want something sweet, either as a beverage or as chocolate bar, just step in. We are sure that your expectations will be exceeded!