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Single Origin: A coffee originating from a single country: discover your own favorite taste!

Oct 27, 2022 | All about Coffee

What is the ideal coffee after all? In Greece, we have been trained in identifying a quality blend. However, the time has come to evolve our gustatory indulgence by selecting that Single Origin coffee that fully meets our expectations.

Each single origin coffee, as denoted by its name, comes from a specific country, each one having its own microclimate, soil characteristics, levels of humidity and temperature that affect the final product. The fruit from each variety undergo a specific processing method, something that practically means that their taste gets enriched with distinct characteristics.

Are you looking for a new coffee taste with special characteristics that will awaken your senses? Coffee Berry stores present the top 8 Single Origin coffees depending on their country of origin:

  1. 1. Single Origin Brazil

What it is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Brazil”? Some of you may think of the famous carnival, others of its long beaches but we think of its Single Origin coffee that fills our mouth with sweetness. If you love sweet flavors, you will enjoy a coffee with dark chocolate aroma and walnut and honey notes.

  1. 2. Single Origin Ethiopia

The ideal choice for those who know what they truly want! A rich coffee with black tea aromas and mild acidity that offers the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

  1. 3. Single Origin Guatemala

Also known as the “romantic summer”! Its sweet aroma that combines chocolate and vanilla gives an integrated aromatic flavor with a gentle aftertaste resulting from its mild citrusy notes.

  1. 4. Single Origin Kenya

Is a trip to Africa the dream of your life? You could “taste a bit” by trying our Single Origin Kenya coffee. With clear acidity and deep sweetness, it feels like holding a rare diamond. Its long aftertaste that comes from the creamy body of mulberries will surely thrill you.

  1. 5. Single Origin Costa Rica

Our adventure at Central America, between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, brings us to Costa Rica and its single origin coffee. Robustly aromatic, with rich flavor and lemon acidity, the Single Origin Costa Rica coffee offers a smooth finishing in your mouth.

  1. 6. Single Origin Νicaragua

One of the top-quality coffee varieties is farmed at the high plateaus of Nicaragua! It combines citrusy acidity with a walnut aroma filling its aftertaste.

  1. 7. Single Origin Honduras

The Single Origin Honduras coffee is truly unique, since its combines jasmine notes, orange blossoms and tropical aromas from different fruit, such as grapes and blueberries. All these make up a spellbinding coffee, with refined acidity, creamy body and rose tea aftertaste!

  1. 8. Single Origin Colombia

Final destination: Colombia. Its single origin coffee combines fruity notes with chocolate, offering a clear finishing with pleasant aftertaste!

Colombia and specifically Finca Villa, a certified organic farm, is also the origin of our Organic Single Origin coffee, standing out for its fruity notes and honey-sweet flavor.

Which is the Single Origin that best matches your taste? Visit our stores and let’s find out together, through a flavorful tour around the world.

Your journey to your next favorite Single Origin coffee has just begun!