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Proud sponsor of our National Football Team

Oct 27, 2022 | Our News

Coffee Berry is an official sponsor of Greece’s National Football Team, professing our support to sports and sports people.

We know well how important sports are to all people regardless of age, and we highly respect of fair play, supporting all players of our National Football Team. We truly want to help during their hard preparation and be part of their training.

Coffee Berry people say: “We are so proud for every single effort and match of our National Football Team and we are committed to be its allies for reaching even further. Each match is a communication channel between our Country and the rest of the world and we, the Coffee Berry people, want to stand by it.”

And the Hellenic Football Federation respond: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new partner, Coffee Berry, in the big family of the Hellenic Football Federation and the Greek National Football Team. On our part, all our partner relations are based on mutual trust and appreciation, w the most solid foundation for success”.