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New organic Single Origin coffee from Finca Villa at Colombia!

Oct 29, 2022 | All about Coffee

We enrich our product list with a new organic coffee and we invite you to join us once again in a unique sensory trip. Our new Single Origin coffee addresses to those who prefer organic products and also those who love rich aromatic coffee.

The Organic Finca Villa coffee comes from Finca Villa, a Colombian micro-farm; it is an organic 100% Arabica coffee, farmed at one of the most ideal spots for coffee farming from a geographical point of view. It is naturally processed by having the entire plant fruit dried, so all its sweet and juicy flavors are transfused into the coffee, creating an exquisite fruity cup with sweet-honey aftertaste. Its sensory profile is supplemented with notes of milk chocolate and tropical fruit. Undoubtedly, a coffee not to be missed.

Taste our refined organic coffee at our Coffee Berry stores, either as coffee beverage or in coffee bean-form (150gr pack) for enjoying at work or at home.

For organic coffee preparations that contain milk, such as Cappuccino or Latte coffees, we exclusively use organic milk, so that you enjoy a purely organic beverage.

Discover our Organic Finca Villa at a Coffee Berry store next to you!