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Mouthwatering and nutritious Smoothie Bowls and yogurts by Coffee Berry

Oct 27, 2022 | Our News

Summer is here and you want to combine healthy nutrition with pleasure!

Have you been searching for healthy and nutritious choices without compromising their taste? We are here for you, offering the most delicious choices: well-balanced yummy and rich in vitamins Smoothie Bowls and light and healthy yogurts embellished with thyme honey.

The Coffee Berry Smoothie Bowls are complete meal proposals, since they consist of low-fat (2%) yogurt, thyme honey, cereals and fruit. It can be an ideal breakfast or afternoon snack, or the ideal recovery meal following a demanding training!

  • Energy Bowl, for high energy levels, containing yogurt 2%, banana, kiwi, apple, acai, chia, forest fruit, almond butter, nuts and thyme honey!
  • Healthy Bowl, for boost and welfare, containing yogurt 2%, pineapple, avocado, green apple, baby spinach, forest fruit, granola and spearmint!
  • Bliss Bowl, for guilt-free pleasure, containing yogurt 2%, banana, strawberry, chia, gianduja with stevia, granola and thyme honey!

Our honey & yogurt bowls are the ideal choice for those seeking a light and healthy, yet tasty breakfast or snack. You can choose between 2% yogurt with granola, banana chips and thyme honey or 2% yogurt with fresh pineapple, kiwi and thyme honey.

To start with your healthy nutrition this summer, step in a Coffee Berry store!