Selected Flavors

Find at Coffee Berry meticulously selected tastes made of the purest ingredients.

Something savory

Mini brioches, tortillas, yummy baguettes and many more snacks are daily prepared following the recipes of our Executive Chef, Mr Michalis Tzovas, so that you can enjoy them delicious and fresh every moment of the day.

Something sweet

We know your thing for sweets; that’s why we daily choose the best products to fill with taste and energy every single moment of your day!

Homemade cereal bars, cookies, muffins, croissants and many other sweet temptations are the perfect match to your cup of coffee or favorite beverage.

Fresh Salads

If you are looking for a full but light meal, at Coffee Berry we have created for you fresh, cool salads that are prepared in our stores daily.

From the classic Caesar’s salad to more triggering flavors with Cherry Tomatoes and Katiki Domokou cheese, you don’t help but choose your favorite salad!


Nuts, those tiny temptations that accompany us throughout our day, are considered among the most beneficial food for our body.

Their high nutritional value, their beneficial properties and their irresistible taste undisputedly make them one of the best nutritional breaks while at office, on the street, at home or any other time of the day.

We, at Coffee Berry, have selected the finest nuts, smartly combined and packed, and offer them to you so that you can enjoy a healthy snack no matter where you are.

Dried Fruit

We know well how important it is to offer such choices that best combine a balanced nutrition with delicious taste.

What beats a boost of energy and pleasure inside dried fruit?

A great source of nutrients and fibre, but also an easy and quick snack, so you can always have it with you!