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Coffee preparations: 5+1 favorite choices!

Oct 27, 2022 | All about Coffee

Let’s start with the basics! What is your favorite coffee? Each true coffee lover has a favorite coffee that stands out from the rest. Why that? The answer is different for each person. Some of us seek a unique taste; others are appealed by overwhelming aromas. There those who choose a coffee that will be their booster for kicking off the day. Fortunately, there are multiple types of coffee with many more variations, adequate enough to cover all tastes and needs. Which ones are our 5+1 top choices?

1. Espresso means coffee

When asking for a cup of coffee in Italy, you will drink an espresso. It is a strong coffee prepared with hot water that saturates ground aromatic coffee beans. In fact, the true espresso stands out for its thick texture and golden cream. Espresso comes first in Greece as well, actually beating the traditional greek coffee or frappé!

Its variations? There are actually too many and our next article will be dedicated to them. Yet, its core varieties are two: well-balanced Arabica and intense Robusta. Depending, of course, on the country of their farming and the peculiarities of each crop, the taste of coffee beans becomes even more distinct. At our stores, you may enjoy unique single origin varieties from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras and Guatemala.

2.Cappuccino: Espresso meets frothed milk …

Are you a milk enthusiast? If yes, chances are that you opt for Cappuccino. A coffee that you can drink any time of the day, made with espresso and frothed milk. It comes in multiple variations, but its preparation guidelines remain the same. By adding frothed milk or cream, coffee becomes sweet and refined. Enjoy your favorite Cappuccino at our stores, by choosing among our 3 blends (premium, elegant, flavor) or the single origin variety that you like the most Your topping may be custom-made as well: frothed milk made of full-fat or light, lactose-free, soy, almond, oat or coconut milk. Pair it with a fresh hot croissant, a muffin, a cookie or your loved handmade cereal bar.

3.Hot instant coffee or frappé

Who hasn’t felt the warmth of a cup of hot instant coffee on a cold winter day? Instant coffee is very popular in Greece, with the Greeks adoring its cold variation, the prominent frappé It is a beverage invented in Greece, made of coffee, water, sugar and … ice cubes. It originates, of course, from the city of Thessaloniki, where it was “invented” by chance in 1957.

4.Greek coffee: back to our roots!

What coffee do you drink when you visit your grandmother? Older people know no coffee but the greek one! It has been until the 60s that the greek coffee was also known as “turkish” coffee, but the “greek” name dominated.

Freshly-roasted and thick, its flavor is filled with aromas and memories, whereas its creamy foam (kaymak) – not produced by any other coffee – gives that something extra! It is traditionally prepared in a coffee pot. Its mixture, containing ground coffee beans, is ready to fill-in not only our cups … but our hearts too.

5.Filter coffee: the most velvet-like texture of all

Do you happen to believe that the taste of filter coffee is somewhat flat comparing to other coffees? The secret for a good filter coffee lies in its preparation, which must preserve its aromas and flavorful profile. It is a coffee with velvet-like texture and mild taste, ideal for any moment during your day. Of course, the best time to taste it is always when it is being prepared. At our stores you may enjoy your preferable filter coffee, prepared by four different methods: Chemex, syphon, V60 and cold brew. At Coffee Berry we give a brand-new meaning to coffee filter.

+1. Your loved coffee in its decaffeinated form

You may enjoy all our coffees in decaffeinated form. A coffee is decaffeinated when 97% of its caffeine has been extracted from the green coffee beans. Its nutritional value remains almost the same with that of regular coffee, since the only difference is the caffeine content. At Coffee Berry stores, our decaffeinated espresso has been especially processed through an entirely natural method, the Water Process that uses only water.

Dozens of coffee types, too many different ways to prepare and taste them! Coffee at Coffee Berry is the “best thing in your day”! Are you ready for that mind-blowing journey?