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When it comes to tea, aromas and flavors from different varieties, combined with fruit, dried flowers and herbs emerge from a Coffee Berry cup.

Odors and perfumes

If you want to enjoy the beneficial properties of tea and herbs, relax, boost yourself or take delight in a luscious beverage, we’ve got you!

Feel free to taste our great variety of black, green, rooibos (red) and white tea and beverages, hot or cold, available at all Coffee Berry stores. Each one is slowly extracted using the largo method at a specific temperature, which takes 3-4 minutes and releases all the flavor and aromas of each drink.

Do you want something cold? The Sparkling Iced Tea series is our refreshing option, combining herbs, fruit and soda, sugar-free and sweetened by agave syrup.


English Breakfast

Robust black tea for breakfast. Enjoy it either plain or with milk and sugar.

Spice Tea

Bits of cardamom, cinnamon sticks and essential oils of spices mixed with black tea, offering a very strong and aromatic tea Ideally combined with honey.

Earl Grey

Ceylon black tea, combined with natural bergamot essential oil, offers the most popular aromatic tea.

Ginger Black Tea

Black tea, lemon peels, cat’s claw, cocoa beans and ginger.

Green Tea

Light tea from Sri Lanka, soft-flavored and ideal to pair light meals.

Lemon Green Tea

Green tea flavored with natural lemon essential oil.

Jasmine Green Tea (Organic)

Green tea flavored with jasmine flowers. Organic farming

Mastic Green Tea

Ceylon tea flavored with natural mastic essential oil

Flower Bouquet Tea

Green tea, pineapple, apple, rose blossom, plantain and raisin leaves.

Green de Cassis

Green tea mixed with strawberry bits and red berries. A tasty option with strong aroma and intense aftertaste.

Wild Spring

Green tea with lemon peels and corn flowers. Α mild yet intensively aromatic tea.

Chocolate – Caramel Rooibos Tea

Red tea with coconut flakes, apple, chocolate drops and caramel notes.


A combination of white, green and black tea, infused with cinnamon, orange peels, almonds, lemongrass, orange & rose blossoms.


Red Sunset

Bits of apple, grape, strawberry, blossoms of hibiscus, chamomile and rosebush calyxes. Caffeine-free.

Ginger – Orange (Organic)

A combination of apple, hibiscus blossoms, carrot, ginger and citrus petals, with delightful orange aroma, all from organic farming. A unique caffeine-free beverage, with robust taste and strong aroma.

Goji Berry

Goji berries, apple and pear bits, petals of hibiscus, sunflower and corn flowers. Caffeine-free.

Ayurveda (Organic)

Raisin, lemon balm leaves, rosebush calyxes and blossoms, fennel, cardamom, chamomile blossoms, mint, sage, nutmeg, all from organic farming. Organic farming

Tropical Passion

Petals of hibiscus and rose, grapes and bits of pineapple, mango and papaya. An exotic caffeine-free beverage.

Sparkling Iced Tea

Sparkling Iced Tea- the cool-breeze refreshment.

Red Sunset

Red Sunset (a combination of herbs and fruit, mixed with apple, hibiscus, grapes, rosebush calyxes, chamomile, strawberry), agave, soda & berries

Tropical Passion

Tropical Passion (a combination of herbs and fruit, mixed with hibiscus & rose petals, grapefruit, pineapple, papaya, mango), mango pulp, agave, soda & peppermint.

Ginger Orange

Ginger Orange (a combination of herbs and fruit, mixed with apple, citrus petals, hibiscus blossoms, carrot, ginger), peach syrup, agave, soda & orange.